Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii. Mostly paintings but a travel poster or two included. — Toes in a Very Different Sand

“Canoes at Diamond Head”. 1890. American. Oil on canvas. Edward Bailey, artist (1814-1903). Collections of the Bailey House Museum, Maui. In the public domain because the artist died over 100 years ago. via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:%27Canoes_at_Diamond_Head%27,_oil_on_canvas_painting_by_Edward_Bailey,_1890,_Maui_Historical_Society.jpg “Waikiki Beach.” ca. 1898. American. Oil on redwood panel. Charles Furneaux, artist (1835-1913). Image source: https://archive.is/X51XG Frazier Fine Art. In the public […]

Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii. Mostly paintings but a travel poster or two included. — Toes in a Very Different Sand

Above Waikiki — petescully

In Hawaii we stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. It’s a historic older resort, Elvis used to go there, so did Michael Jackson, and so did about 15% of the population of the United States at the same time as we were there, I think. Since Hawaii reopened up, everyone wants to go, […]

Above Waikiki — petescully

Four Exciting Days on O’ahu, Hawaii

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O’ahu is Hawaii’s 3rd largest island and is one of the most visited islands of Hawaii. With tropical weather, beautiful beaches, colorful nightlife, and traditional luau parties, O’ahu offers visitors many attractions that you can’t find on any other Hawaiian Island.

O’ahu has a perfect mix of island living and excitement of a modern city. Across the southeastern shores of O’ahu is Hawaii’s capital and biggest city, Honolulu. Honolulu is the heart of O’ahu. This cosmopolitan city is modern and vibrant and attracts millions of visitors every year. The city offers you everything from the historic site Pearl Harbor National Memorial to the world-famous Waikiki Beach to upscale dining and shopping. You will enjoy every minute you spend there.

You can experience all the quintessential attractions on O’ahu in four days without pushing too hard. Below is an itinerary that you can use directly.

Day 1 – Hike up…

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Where to Eat & Travel with Mabe

Oahu was one of the three islands that we decided to visit in Hawaii because it has a contrast between the ancient like Kauai and the modern like Maui. To maximize our vacation, we flew right before Thanksgiving and stayed until the first week of December. Right away, we were surprised with Christmas decorations in 80-degree weather and a Santa in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. Oahu is the third-largest Hawaiian island with tons of different activities and food to pick from.

Diamond Head Hike

Diamond Head is about 30 minutes from downtown Hawaii. The hike itself takes about an hour and once you reached the top, the panoramic view made that hike worth it. We decided to go to Diamond Head for sunrise so we left the hotel while it was dark out and bought our flashlight as there are no lights on the hike. However, there were a…

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How I Spent Four Days in OAHU 🌈

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July 2021

Finally! After almost a year and half of being cooped up at home due to the pandemic, I was able to take a mini vacation to Hawaii. When I shared my exciting news with friends and coworkers, everyone and their mamas told me how crazy busy and crowded Oahu was. “Make sure to get to the airport 4 hours earlier”, “it’ll take you 3 hours to get out of HNL airport”, or “you have to make a reservation to any restaurant one month in advance or they won’t take you”. I started panicking. Will I really have to rely on ABC stores for food? Nope! I was able to walk into or call all the restaurants I wanted to try during my time there and ate everything I wanted. Yay! Here is how I spent my five nights in Oahu and I hope this post will help plan…

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Beaches in Oahu

When visiting Ohau there are so many beaches to choose from! While there is no wrong beach to go to, how to be a tourist takes us though the details of each.
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(originally published November 3, 2016) Whenever I visit my sister in Hawaii, we tend to go to the same couple of beaches. On this seventh visit, I’m glad finally add a new one to the list! Here is how I would rank the beaches from best to worst (but let’s face it – even the […]

how to beach in oahu — how to be a tourist

Hotel Experience: Sheraton Waikiki

Interested in staying in Waikiki? Check out Hola Aloha Magazine’s post and enjoy the beautiful photography included!
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Sheraton Waikiki is an exceptional oceanfront resort that features a prime location on the shores of Waikiki Beach. The hotel’s infinity pool was voted as the #1 Best Hotel Pools in the nation by USA Today 10 Best readers in 2019.

Hotel Experience: Sheraton Waikiki — Hola Aloha Magazine

Beach Artwork

Check out this amazing artwork by Petescully!

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You come to Hawaii to spend time on the beach and in the ocean, and we did a lot of that. The sea is warm here and we swam only there, not in the pool which had too many people. I did a little beach sketching, but mostly played in the ocean or strummed on […]

beach times — petescully